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about Amanda

I'm Amanda Blissit, but you'll often hear others call me Mandy. 

I began my career in the wedding industry in January 2006 as a wedding coordinator. After a couple of years I merged my company with a new venue in the area. While I was there I developed their in house floral program. After almost eight years, over 600 weddings within that time, and a growing family, it was time for me slow down and go back out on my own. I wanted to stay in the the events industry and with the wonderful clients that I have such a connection with.
Thus Blume Haus was Born in 2014.
Since then Blume Haus has soared only by the grace of God, the amazing event vendor community and the clients who have trusted us with their visions. We have won Best of Weddings award every year, worked with more corporate accounts, expanded our office and our Blume Haus Team. I've now been in the industry for 13 years and have been involved with over 800 weddings and events. 

I have a unique understanding of San Antonio area brides: their needs, their wants, their inspirations and aspirations. Therefore, I have a very unique approach to event design and customer service which my clients always enjoy. I'm a stickler for details, symmetry and all things luxury flowers! I'm not here to just design your event, but to make the process
easy and enjoyable!

daughter, wife, Momma to three beautiful little girls, Dog momma, Margaritas and Chardonnay
Serious photography snob,
total people pleaser  

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Events & Wedding Flower Gallery


Event & Wedding

Planning an event or wedding is stressful enough.
We make the floral design process as easy as possible.

It starts with a consultation. This can be in person, virtually via Facetime or Google hangouts, or via email. Prior to our meeting well send over a consultation worksheet so we can come to the meeting with your style and color themes in mind. You'll leave your consultation feeling excited and so much lighter knowing that Blume Haus completely understands your vision. Soon after, you'll receive a detailed priced proposal.

Major life events always call for a major celebration. Blume Haus can assist
through the whole process so you can enjoy your event knowing all of it is
being professionally managed and brought to life!

Blume Haus will gently guide you through the process of planning your wedding and designing your florals to bring your wedding day vision to reality.

Event & Wedding Floral Design Services

The number one question we receive is about pricing.
Pricing is very dependent on the time of year your event is being held,
the types of blooms you're most interested in, and the size of your pieces.
Below are typical pieces and their average price range.
Your specific pricing may vary of course. 

Bride: $175-300+
Bridesmaids: $65-95
Boutonnieres:  $8-15
Corsages: $20-30
Ceremony Altar Piece: $225+
Arch/Arbor Decor: $500+
Floral Aisle Markers: $25-50
Small Accent Pieces (Sign in/Cocktail) $25-65
Low Floral Arrangement: $75-150
Tall Floral Arrangement: $225-350+

Delivery/Set Up/Strike:  15% of subtotal, on average for events of 300 people or less 
(additional fees may apply depending on location and size of your event)


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